As part of the dissemination, the project has taken a focus on establishing a dialogue with industry and other potential beneficiaries. In the beginning, such initiative involved the Renewable Energy Network co-ordinated by the Danish Technological Institute. Afterwards, the CEESA project has conducted a work process in which interaction and collaboration with relevant research and development projects have been emphasised.

The purpose has been two-fold. First, the CEESA project has been able to continually disseminate results in terms of development of tools and methodologies by offering and applying these to specific projects and analyses. Second, the CEESA project has been able to benefit from the results both in terms of testing tools and methodologies and in terms of getting specific inputs to the analyses and scenario-making of future sustainable energy solutions.

Such interaction and dissemination have included the following projects:

  • The IDA Future Climate project
  • The analysis of the role of district heating in future renewable energy systems
  • EnergyTown Frederikshavn
  • Long-term Energy vision for Aalborg Municipality
  • The NIK-VE project (Energy visions for the North Denmark Region)
  • Interaction with Zero Energy/Emission Buildings project (ZEB)
  • Danish Wind Power - Export and Cost